How to use trekking poles correctly

How to Wear a Wrist Strap:
Slide your hand from underneath the wrist strap, then hold the wrist strap with your palm and grab the handle of the hiking pole. Adjust the tightness of the wrist strap so that it supports your hand.
Adjusting the Height of Hiking Poles:
Adjusting the height of hiking poles is simple. Just twist the sections on the pole to loosen them, then adjust the height according to your own height. You can also simply hold the handle of the hiking pole and make sure your forearm forms a right angle with your wrist.
Installing and Disassembling Hiking Poles:
Folding Hiking Poles: Find the folding point and adjust the bolt at the folding point to install or disassemble the pole. Usually, a folding hiking pole is equipped with a fixed cord to tie up the disassembled sections.
Telescopic Hiking Poles: It’s very simple. You can extend or retract the pole with a simple push or pull, similar to using a folding umbrella. Press the button at the telescopic point to extend or retract the pole.
Attaching Hiking Poles to a Backpack:
First, collapse the hiking poles and slide the handle onto the side strap of the backpack. Then adjust the strap to secure it. Finally, make sure the pole tips are facing up to avoid injury to yourself or others. Double-check to ensure they are securely attached.
Is it necessary to use two hiking poles?
It’s not necessary, but it is recommended to use two. Using two hiking poles helps maintain balance and provides support and cushioning for both sides of the body. Using only one hiking pole for a long time can result in different stress on the legs and may lead to knee injuries.
Precautions for Using Hiking Poles:
Check if the poles are properly locked during long hikes. Develop the habit of using both hands for the hiking poles. When climbing steep slopes, keep a safe distance from the person in front using hiking poles to avoid being poked by the tip of the pole.
How to Repair Broken Hiking Poles:
Stuck or Loose Poles: Simply pull out the stuck section and adjust the expandable rubber ring to make it larger. Then put it back to lock it securely.
Bent Poles: Bent hiking poles are not recommended for continued use as they can cause knee damage. It’s best to replace the damaged section.
Worn-out Pole Tips: Worn-out pole tips should also be replaced as they reduce the grip. Simply replace the pole tips.
Metal Oxidation: If cheap iron hiking poles have oxidation, it’s difficult to remove it, so it’s best to get a new one. If it’s made of alloy, you can use alkali water to brush it and then apply a coat of protective oil to prevent further oxidation.


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