18k Woven Black Carbon Fiber Baseball Bat

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Type:Baseball Bat
Bat Material:Carbon fiber
Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Product Type:Widely Used High Strength Custom cnc Cutting Carbon Fiber baseball bat
Shape:Custom made(please offer us CAD drawing)
Surface treatment:Glossy and matte
Weave:Plain and Twill
Material:carbon fiber
Logo:Customized Logo
Material:Carbon fiber
Product Type:Carbon Fiber Board/ Panels/Plate/Sheet/Fabric/Parts/Frame/Tube/Rod
Dimensions of the whole board:400MM*500MM, 400MM*400MM, etc
Colors:General color is black, also has silver, red, blue, gold, etc
Advantage:High strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high compressive strength, environmental protection, etc

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