Carbon Fiber Golf Complete Full Club Set

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Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Gender:Unisex, Unisex
Club Type:Complete Set of Clubs
Shaft Material:100%Carbon fiber
Shaft thickness:1mm
Shaft diameter:16mm
Shaft  Weight:50g--54g
Load capacity:100Kg
Dip angle:9.5''/10.5''
Shaft length:100cm--125cm
Golf Head Material:Stainless steel
Dexterity:Right Handed, Right Handed;we have left hand putter club also
Flex:R, R
Logo:Customer's Brand
Grip:with grip
Feature:CNC milled face + urethane insert
Driver:1 pcs
Fairway Wood:2 pcs( 3W/5W)

· The housing is ergonomic with tapered design and curved back to fit nicely in your hand.

· Shaft angle adjustable locking system, simple and fast operation

· Adopt advanced Nesting Technology  
· German HBM load standard  

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