Intermediate hockey stick Model carbon fiber composite ice hockey stick

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Intermediate hockey stick Model carbon fiber composite ice hockey stick

Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Brand Name:Easyto
Model Number:C-IH-013
Material: T700
Length:64" or 163cm
Color & Logo:custom-made
Stick balance:20.5"---21.5"
Shaft flex:55 /60/65
Kick point:Nexus Mid
Appearance Carbon Woven:UD,3K Twill, 18K ,18K Diamond

Ice hockey stick is one professional industry's products. It means the difference between bauer, easton and CCM has their carbon weave likes clothes on stick, 3K, 15K used on easton stick, 12K used on CCM, and 18K used on  bauer stick. So if it is only different case how the appearance they look, No, the key is structure inside of stick, and material carbon fiber and resin. 
Our ice hockey stick recommended to you is UD stick. The key of stick shows on durability, that is easy to control puck, getting wide ranger of bend, Puck release quickly, Slapshot getting more durable, and stick balance is very important, we can make standard balance point as like bauer stick. What good quality we says, it depends on the structure inside carbon layer, resin, carbon fiber. The artwork of stick is very serious step by step.

Stick listing :

Type Size Curve Flex Weight (g)  Painting finish  
Flylite Senior P92 /P28 77/87/102/112 380g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
Flylite Int P92 65 370g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
Flylite Junior P92 40/50 310g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
ST400 Senior P92/P28/P88/P91A/PM9/P02/P14/P7 75/85/95/105/115 400g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
ST420 Senior P92/P28/P88/P91A/PM9/P02/P14/P7 75/85/95/105/115 420g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
ST450 Senior P92/P28/P88/P91A/PM9/P02/P14/P7 75/85/95/105/115 450g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
INT390 Int P92/P28/P88/P91A/PM9/P02/P14/P7 60/65 390g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
INT410 Int P92/P28/P88/P91A/PM9/P02/P14/P7 60/65 410g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
JR310 Junior P92 /P28 /P88 30 /40 /50 310g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
JR350 Junior P92 /P28 /P88 30 /40 /50 350g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left
Youth Junior P92 /P28 /P88 20/25 280g Grip,glossy,matte Right / Left

Flex :
Senior :75,85,95,105,112
Intermediate : 50,60,65
Junior : 25,30,40,50
Youth : 20

1.Flylite : flatter concave , elliptical taper shaft for real low kick shooting
2.Vapor: Big round "R" corner, double concave .  Good at quickly release when closing to the net
3.Nexus : small round "R" ,wider double concave, Good at heavy slapshot
4.Supreme :  square concave , good at wrist shot
5.Available to extend  3" (7.5cm) if you need longer sticks

Senior P92 ,P88,P28,P91A,PM9,P02,P14,P7  And Flylite P92 ,P28
Int P92 ,P88,P28,P91A,PM9,P02,P14,P7  And Flylite P92
Junior P92 ,P28,P88 And Flylite P92
Youth P92,P88,P28

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