Carbon Fiber Telescopic Kayak Paddles

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1.Can be divided into 2 sections
2. Overall length s
3.Paddle Blade Size:long 40cm×wide 20.5cm
4.Materia: 100% carbon fiber
5.Weight: 925g
6.Thickness: 1mm
7.Diameter: 27mm
8.ABS locking system
9.Load capacity up to 100KG
10. Kayak Paddles Size: Customizable
11. Kayak Paddles Material: Customizable
12. Paddle Blade Style: Customizable
13. Kayak Paddles logo and pattern: Customizable

· Paddle blade use high strength PP plastic manufacturing non toxic and pollution-free strong and durable

· Ergonomic T-handle design 

· Junction use heat shrinkable casing design strong and durable

· Use ABS locking system simple and fast operation

· Precise scale adjustable length and angle

· Adopt advanced Nesting Technology  
· German HBM load standard 

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