Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Carbon Shaft

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1. Super lightweight: 3K full carbon fiber blade and shaft with PET foam core technology, this paddle weighs only 20.5 oz for superb performance.

2. 84 square inches concave grooved blade design, a small blade adds power to the stroke to achieve the maximum speed without increasing fatigue. It is a perfect choice for race use as well as for casual use.

3. Directly from manufacturer, rigorous control on quality and cost, best deal in same product range.

4. Adjustable from 67’’to 86’’, ideal to share with families and friends of different heights.

5. Breaks down to 3 parts, fits in to a quality carry bag in length of only 3 feet, excellent for travelling and storage.

  • CARBON PERFORMANCE BLADE: All carbon construction with reinforced spine and edge make a perfect balance between its durability and always float-in-water light weight- about 710g (25oz) for the whole paddle. The dihedral and medium-big area blade (98 sq in) adds power and stability to the stroke while reducing flutter of the paddle. It is a perfect choice for high performance use as well as for casual use.
  • CARBON SHAFT AND GRIP: The carbon composite shaft contributes to the lightweight of the paddle. It’s stiff yet with certain flexibility required to maintain better performance and protect the shaft from breaking under extreme powerful stroke. The ergonomic carbon handle grip also reduces the weight and increase traction and comfort for the hand.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Can be assembled and adjusted easily from 67’’ to 86’’ (170cm to 218cm). It’s suitable for paddlers above 5 feet. Suggested paddle length is paddler height plus 6 or 8 inches.
  • PREMIUM PADDLE BAG: All paddles come with a free travel bag (size in 36’’x11’’). With superb quality zipper, handle, shoulder strap and inner flap for the blade, this bag provides perfect protection as well as convenience for travelling.