The use of wristbands

 Company news     |      2020-05-17 09:01
The use of wristbands
T type
T is more suitable for casual scenes.
I type
The impact of a downhill pole should be transmitted to our arms by a wristband;While on the hill, the arm's thrust is transmitted to the alpenpole by the wristband, which generates the help to climb the hill.
So when your wrist goes through the wrist band, you don't want to go directly over the wrist band and grab the handle, but you want to pick up the wrist band, go under the wrist band, press the wrist band into your palm, and then gently grab the handle and support the staff through the wrist band, instead of holding the handle tightly and applying force.
If through the top of the wristband, in the fall, it is likely to dislocate the thumb.