Better Life Of Golf

 Industry news     |      2020-05-05 01:48

Better Life Of Golf

Mrs Goyle was known as a calm, calm, gentlemanly woman.

This is because golf is a sport without rivals, and the process of everyone playing golf is actually a process of making changes to themselves.

Many people have changed themselves or even become themselves because of this sport.You know what?Most golfers have the following advantages.

Time management

Every golfer manages his time so well that if the ball is played at 12:30, no one will reach the tee at 12:40, because being late represents disrespect not only for the players in the group, but also for the course.

No one plays slowly, because the rules require no undue delay between the end of a hole and the next tee.

Because it's not just one person playing, it's the same group of players and each group behind them, so golfers have a strong sense of time, because it's a respect for the game.

Emotion management

When you hit a bad shot, very few people are angry about throwing the club or swearing because they know it won't help and won't help the rest of the game.

The Chinese Confucius said, "nature is similar, but practice is far away." he divided human nature into nature and acquired.Zhang zai's sexual dualism in the northern song dynasty divided human nature into temperament and destiny.Dialectical materialism holds that there is no transcendental distinction between human nature and transcendental good and evil, and that any realistic human nature is the result of subjective and objective interaction of human beings on the basis of genetic factors in the social environment.In the field of western modern psychology, there are three typical representatives: (1) freudian psychoanalysis emphasizes to explain the whole and behavior of human beings by their instinct, which is a kind of instinctive determinism or genetic determinism;(2) behaviorism goes to the other extreme, otherwise natural instinct, that all human behavior, nature are acquired, is a stimulus-response connection and systematic, is a kind of anti-instinct or environmental determinism;(3) humanistic psychology is against instinct determinism and against acquisition theory, argues that human nature is instinctive, namely human desire or basic needs in a appreciable extent is innate, but related to the behavior or ability is not innate, understanding or feeling, may be acquired through learning or performance or guide.According to maslow, human nature is the summation of all human attributes, and instinctive need is the concentrated expression of human nature.

Are you a sentimental woman?I'll be here with you every night at 9:30.Like night uncle, the night before you listen to the night to share with the friends around attention together, good night!

Every player will learn to control their emotions, play not angry, play well is not satisfied, try to finish the game with a relatively calm attitude.

A healthy body

The claim that golfers live longer is not unfounded.

Because on a golf course, it's not hard to see 70-year-olds swinging and playing 18 holes.

Some people say that since playing golf wine to drink less, eat more, sleep is more fragrant.

Others say that the long hours in the office are tiring, and that playing a game will make you feel refreshed, not only physically but also mentally.

Because they face a green course, each swing each hole walking will let the body and mind be released.

Honest and trustworthy

Golfers generally have a high value for honesty because they have to learn to be honest with themselves first.

When they hit a bad pitch, no one will see them, everyone will choose to hit in place, no one will quietly move the ball.

Also, when they realize they deserve a penalty shot, they will tell their group or the referee, even if only they know it. This is the integrity of golfers.

More resilience

Every golfer is not short of perseverance, no one will play a terrible game and choose to quit.

Even if they don't, they will try to pull back a little on the next tee or hole.Just like we saw in the game, no matter how many players behind, they did not give up, but all the way to catch up.

It's the game after game that makes golfers tough, which is why more and more parents are teaching their kids to play.

Respect for others

After a round, each player takes off his hat and shakes hands on the 18th green.

This is golfer self-cultivation, even if you are in a competitive state for the first second, but after the green everyone can even sit down and drink a little wine together.

Moreover, no one will laugh at the other's mistakes, there is just encouragement, more people will provide some good advice for the other side, which most sports do not have.

Enjoy your life

Why do golfers enjoy life more? Because the game is good, the course is good, when they face these good things every day, they will become good.

Golf lovers see golf not just as a sport, but as a life, because they enjoy it.

Strong self-confidence

Those who play well must be confident, not nervous, as they stand on the tee looking out over the green and swing.

Because, without confidence, you won't let the ball over the barrier, and without confidence you won't push a yard or two.

Why we see a great long putt into the hole, why we see a great short shot into the hole, it's all because of confidence, every golfer builds great confidence.

Because of this, they become a better version of themselves.

They may not be obsessed with golf, but through the sport to their own training, a kind of self-improvement.