What is the use of carbon fiber tubes?

 Industry news     |      2020-07-20 10:51
Tubular structures can be used in a variety of applications. Therefore, it is not surprising that the unique performance of intelite carbon fiber tubes makes carbon fiber tubes have high demand in many industries. Today, in applications where weight is an important factor, Shandong intelite carbon fiber tubes are increasingly replacing steel, titanium or aluminum tubes. It is not surprising that the weight of carbon fiber tubes is only one third of the weight of aluminum tubes. Carbon fiber tubes are often the first choice in aerospace, high-performance automobiles and sports equipment industries, and weight is a crucial factor.
Performance of carbon fiber tube
Some unique properties that make carbon fiber tubes superior to those made of other materials include:
·High strength to weight ratio and stiffness to weight ratio
·Fatigue resistance
·Dimensional stability due to very low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
Characteristics of carbon fiber tube
Carbon fiber tubes are usually produced in round, square or rectangular shapes, but they can be made into almost any shape, including oval or oval, octagon, hexagon or custom shapes. The prepreg carbon fiber tube in roll packaging consists of multi-layer wrapping of twill cloth and / or unidirectional carbon fiber fabric. Wound tubing is suitable for applications requiring high bending stiffness and low weight.
Alternatively, the braided carbon fiber tube is made of a combination of a carbon fiber braid and a unidirectional carbon fiber fabric. Braided tubes have excellent torsional properties and compressive strength, making them ideal for high torque applications. Large diameter carbon fiber tubes are usually constructed of rolled bi-directional braided carbon fibers. By combining the right fiber, fiber orientation and manufacturing process, carbon fiber tubes with appropriate properties for any application can be manufactured.
Other features that can vary depending on the application include:
·Material - tubes can be made from standard, medium, high or ultra-high modulus carbon fibers.
·Diameter - carbon fiber tubes can be small or large in diameter. Custom ID and OD specifications can meet specific needs. They can be made into decimal and metric sizes.
·Taper - carbon fiber tubes can be tapered to harden along their length.
·Wall thickness - by combining various thicknesses of prepreg, carbon fiber tubes can be made to almost any wall thickness.
·Length - coiled carbon fiber tubes are available in several standard lengths and can also be manufactured in custom lengths. If the required tube length is longer than recommended, you can connect multiple tubes to the internal connector to create longer tubes.
·Exterior and sometimes even interior finishes - prepreg carbon fiber tubes usually have a cello wrapped glossy finish, but a smooth, frosted finish can also be used. Woven carbon fiber tubes usually have a moist appearance. They can also be wrapped in a cello for a smoother effect, or a peel layer texture can be added for better bonding. Large diameter carbon fiber tubes are textured both inside and outside, enabling bonding or painting of two surfaces.
·External materials - carbon fiber tubes with prepreg can choose from different external layers. In some cases, this also allows the customer to choose the appearance color.
Application of carbon fiber tube
Intertek carbon fiber tubes can be used in many tubular applications. Some of the current common uses include:
·Robot and automation
·Telescopic rod
·Measuring instrument
·Idler gear
·UAV components
·Astronomical telescope
·Light drum
·Industrial machinery
·Guitar neck
·Aerospace Applications
·Formula One racing set
With light weight, excellent strength and stiffness, as well as a variety of customizable options from manufacturing process to shape, length, diameter and sometimes even color selection, Intertek carbon fiber tubes can be used in many applications in many industries. The use of carbon fiber tubes is actually limited by imagination!